Ways to Create More Effective Digital Marketing Content


You need to get the most of what you have learned about the customers to deliver engaging and helpful content to drive results at its best. If you want to come up with more compelling content, here are the steps – 

Create content as per customers’ language

Once you get the insight into what customers prefer, for example, their favorite Netflix show, trending tracks on Spotify, etc., you can add the same to your content. Create the content with the imagery, language, and feelings that draw their interests. Modern technology enables you to deliver engaging and custom content to form stronger bonds with customers. You can create content which matches with their interest, and you will get back the engagement and loyalty. 

Come up with a top-scoring system

There is a kind of scoring system for each interaction with the customer journey. For example, one point is attributed for site search, one for page view, 3 for transaction, and 5 for several sales over the past 30 days. With the help of scoring leads, you can segment them ahead, and you can get a better insight into the content to help them. Your goal is to move as many people as you can into a highly scoring segment with emails, social media, or by targeting them using paid search. 

Use touchpoints to segment audiences 

You can efficiently execute your marketing strategy with the help of segmentation. Segment customers with where they are in the journey. This way, you can come up with the type of content that can help them move forward. For instance, if you are serving a personal finance institution as a marketer, you may not want to target customers about refinancing options of home mortgages with messaging if they have viewed just the sign-up page of your checking account. It might be useful later, but it is too early to do it now. Don’t deliver the wrong message. You might be running the risk of turning down your potential customers, along with wasting resources. 

Allocate Resources with impact 

As you keep learning about customers with how they interact with your content, you can use those insights on making decisions about your investment. Your online efforts, like programmatic purchases, should be able to get more effective campaigns. You need to repurpose the content which is performing well and aim to improve ROI from each type of content that is produced by you. Don’t take action with assumptions. Marketers don’t have much room for error for engaging and reaching modern customers. Targeting with boring or irrelevant content is the last thing you can do to reach customers. 

In the end, you should know customer behavior and take your time in mapping the customer journey to come up with content that can attract them and put them into action.