Top Fragrances for Men

You can find hundreds and thousands of men’s fragrance brands out there. If you are looking for really iconic perfumes, make sure they just sniff out of other fragrances. There are only a few that managed to earn a prominent place against all fads and fashions. 

In both cars and perfumes, men crave for luxury, along with performance and consistency. Despite all the big-budget ad campaigns, a scent sells only when men keep buying it for more sniffs. 

Whether you are just looking for a nice gift for your man, a cologne pro who just wants to complete their fragrance collection, or a freshie who just wants to buy his first signature sniff, here are some of the top fragrances for men to start with – 

Dior’s Eau Sauvage 

Since 1966, this citrusy fragrance from Dior has been the first to use a special ingredient “hedoine”. It is loaded with a rich jasmine aroma that, according to scientists, stimulates testosterone and estrogen in brain. It is still one of the best fragrances for men. 

Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 

4711 is the exemplary collection for men’s perfumes as one of the most popular colognes in the world. It is enriched with a blend of rosemary, wood, and citrus notes. At such an unbelievable price, it is a perfect staple for your signature collection. 

Acqua Di Parma Colonia 

This delicious and subtle perfume is a timeless beauty dating back to 1916. Its artistically designed bottle reflects its deceptive simplicity. It is well regarded for its complex woody and hearty base and top nodes of citrus. It is a perfect scent to make your daytime special. 

Chanel Allure Homme Sport 

Since 2004, Chanel Allure Homme Sport is the perfect staple for your gym bag. It’s a fan-favorite among athletes as it comes with everything that a sportsman wants. This sports fragrance is brilliantly zingy, crisp, and lively. It has ample sensuality and warmth that can accompany you from your locker room to late-night parties. 

Davidoff Cool Water 

If you are looking for refreshing aquatic fragrances with a hint of citrus notes of mint and pine, Davidoff Cool Water is made exclusively for you. It is one of the bestselling and most influential masculine fragrances.